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We’re glad you found us, and we know it must mean that you’re going through a difficult time in some way. Whether you’ve suffered injuries from a car collisionmotorcycle wrecksemi-truck crash or workplace accident, if are a victim of fraud, a threat to your safety, or trespassing, or if you lost someone in an accidental fatality or wrongful death-no matter what type personal injury that you, a loved one or your property may have suffered-be assured that everyone at the Law Offices of G. Turner Howard III will work hard to fight for your rights.

Please fill out the fields below as completely as possible, then click submit. Do make sure to fill in the fields with the asterisk symbol (*) as those are required in order for your form to be processed. One of us will then contact you as soon as possible to discuss your case, with full confidentiality and completely free of charge.

If your situation is urgent and you need immediate assistance, however, please don’t wait-call us right away at (877) 496-6580 or send us a fax at (865)584-5474.

An urgent situation is any accident injury that just occurred. It is vital that you are not only properly medically evaluated immediately but it is also crucial that evidence from the scene of the accident remains intact and available for any legal action we may take on your behalf. This could greatly help your case, so don’t delay.

The sooner you contact us, the more likely we’ll be able to help you pursue all the compensation you deserve. We will work with insurance companies, employers, workers compensation departments, individual or organization involved in your accident injury.

Our office is located at 5915 Casey Drive Northwest, Knoxville, TN 37909.

Do not talk with the other party or his/her insurance company representative after your injury until you have first contacted us for your free consultation!

We’re here to help seek the justice you deserve.

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